Hair addition that is attached in a headband style in the crown of your head. It’s clipped along the
back of the head. The thin transparent elastic band connected to the halo is hidden very easily. It’s
a small piece of elastic that helps keep the halo attached to your head. The hair goes over the
elastic and over the extensions. It poses no risk for the integrity of your hair. You put it on in the
morning and take it out at night. This is great for weddings, It is able to adapt to your style, it blends
well with natural hair. It can be styled, brushed, it takes no heat or glue to adhere, and it stays in
as long as you want and lasts as long as you want.
The size varies from about 1.5 inches to 7.5 inches and can have one to three clips on each section. If
you have clip-ins you need help with I can teach you how to make them work for you, otherwise, I will help select the perfect extensions for your style.  The lengths can be customized to fit your perfect style. The
clips come attached to the hair extension. I will teach you how to seamlessly integrate them to your hair. I
will customize, color, and style them for you. These are great for day to day wear. Just clip them on in the morning and wear them all day and take them out at night. You don’t have to worry about extra hassle
or hair appointments because I teach you to put them in during the consultation. they add length, volume,
and movement and blend seamlessly with the hair. Clip-ins will not damage your hair, they don’t require
glue, heat or any follow-up appointments to keep them looking great.   
This is my favorite type of extension. They are applied to the hair by sandwiching your hair between
two double-sided tape sections. The hair is one inch wide and the method is 100% natural. It requires
no chemicals or tools or heat, and it will last up to 3-4 months and the hair is reusable for future styles.
They lay flat against the head making them great for fine hair. It adds volume, length and helps keep
your hair healthy. Always have a professional apply these. They can be curled, styled, and blow-dried.
With proper maintenance, these can stay in for 3-4 months. This is high-end quality real hair. NEVER
USE SYNTHETIC HAIR! I can get your perfect hair for you. Always have a professional take them out
and put them in. There is no damage to the hair, and they last months without being taken out. It is
real hair ethical sourced from voluntary donations.