OK LET'S  C U T   TO THE  CHASE . . . 


Communication is key. 

What do you want? A picture is worth a thousand words.

A reference image of the haircut you desire will greatly simplify communication. 


Consider your natural hair.

Take into consideration the locks you were born with. Curly? Straight? Straight hair styles cannot pull off course, curly hair styles and vice versa. Decide to grow out a man bun? Let's talk steps and about your style.



Buzz Cut?...Think Channing Tatum.

Crew Cut?...Think Anderson Cooper.

Ivy League?...Think Clooney.

The fade?...Think Will Smith.

Comb over Fade?...Think Justin Timberlake.

High and Tight?...Think David Beckham.

Square?...Brad Pitt in Oceans Eleven.

Undercut?...Think James Dean.

Top knot?...Think Kevin Paris - look him up :)

Assymetrical?...Think Tom Schwartz on Vanderpump Rules.

Long and slicked back/side swept?...Think Jared Leto. 

Perfection?...Think Justin Bieber.


Lastly, take the following into consideration... 

Neckline? Side Burns? Beard trim? Texturization?

Ask her. Don’t be shy. Because she isn’t and you’ll be surprised at how good you look after she cleans you up.  

Kevin - Short Hair
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Kevin - Hair Growth Process
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Kevin - Length Achieved
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Kevin - Man Bun
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Eric - Cut/Clean Up for Wedding Day
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Aaron - Cut/Clean up for ESPYs
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